Peaches Prattlings

{November 15, 2015}   Ouch! It was H O T!!!

Today I burned my tongue and throat, but good!

We went out for a really good meal. I had a fried eggplant sandwich, a very tasty treat, but hot as hades!!! It was very juicy, pretty sure it was the juice from the eggplant, not the grease from frying.

I cut the sandwich in half, looked good. I knew it was hot, but, oh my! I took the first bite and the juice that squired out from the eggplant scorched my tongue and my throat! The look on my face said it all! Within the seconds the server came over and I asked for some ice, she was back post haste and I sat there sucking on an ice cube, ahhhh.

I didn’t stop eating, I was hungry and it was good, but I proceeded very, very slowly…

Let’s just say, I am still hurting! My tongu!



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