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{October 18, 2015}   Day 2…Lisbon…ready…set…run!

First…I’m going to scream!  I wrote a fabulous post which has disappeared! Argh! Here we go trying again.

Day 2 of our vacation stayed way too early, 630 am to be exact,  because PSM is very supportive of my craziness participating in the Rock-n-Roll Lisbon Half Marathon. Who does two half marathons in a week?  Yup, you’re truly!

The shuttles from Oriente Metro station for the Vasco de Gama bridge left between 630 and 930am. Oriente is a train station for Metro and Euro rail on one side and mall on the other side of the street.

We took the shuttle over the bridge and half way back towards the start.

lisbon expo

We walked by a bunch is port-o-potties and stand alone urinals on the way to the start.  [I don’t think I’ve seen those before].wpid-20151018_093417.jpg

The hard part was waiting almost an hour to start.  Then it was very cool to run over the bridge and see all the people in front and behind on the bridge.

I have to admit, I didn’t run as much of the race as I did last week,  time difference and flying yesterday could have something to do with it,  but I’m happy with my time,  3:39:40, I only added 10 minutes to my time from last week,  not too bad,  huh?

The cool thing about the race was that since I did one in two countries I got a World Tour medal, go me!


After the run,  back to the hotel for a cold bath,  hot shower and then an unexpected nap,  heaven.  We were woken up by the hotel delivering a complimentary cheese, fruit and port tray,  nice. We munched while we planned our next moves.

Now it was time for dinner and we were still a little early, Portuguese time,  it was only about 745, 9pm is about normal.  We went to the Metro and headed down to the waterfront near the docks and wandered around admiring the architecture whole looking for a place to eat.


Eventually we found Rosa de Lancastre, a medieval restaurant.  They even have a contemporary medieval chef, whatever that is!


I ordered the Calde Verde, cabbage soup,  considered one of the seven culinary wonders is Portugal. It was tasty and then I found…two slices of sausage, hmmm…

When in Rome…


Then PSM’s board of smoked meats arrived and I was curious, especially since he doesn’t eat that either.  I had a little taste, that was enough.


After dinner we were offered Ginji, their cherry liquor, I pulled out am the stops tonight!

On the way back to the Metro,  we stopped in a little bakery and had Pastéis de Nata, Portuguese custard tarts,  another thing Lisbon is known for.  Y U M!!


More beautiful architecture,  love the gargoyles!



I love all the tiles on the buildings and some of the them remind me of tiles in my parents house,  made me smile more.


Back to the hotel to write to you and rest up,  tomorrow is a new day in Portugal, I can’t wait to see what the day holds, how about you?


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