Peaches Prattlings

{October 12, 2015}   That is one hungry cat…

Poor Peanut…

My little girl, Peanut, is hungry. I think I’ve told you that since I had Peanut fixed, she has put on some weight. Ok, let’s face it, she got fat. Now, there is nothing wrong with fat cats, figuratively and literally, but sometimes, it’s not healthy. Before I had her fixed, she was sleek, since then, she still has the same size small head and her body has expanded, poor thing.

I used to fill the food bowl when it was empty because cats normally cats only eat until they’re full and there is usually food left in the bowl. I would give them about half a pint [the small Chinese food container for reference] in the morning and between the two of them, it would be enough for a day and a half, sometimes two days. Not anymore.

Now, I feed them in the morning and then the next morning and so on. When I get in in the afternoons, I give them a few treats and they enjoy that.

Now, since I only feed them once a day, sometimes, the bowl is empty at the end of the day and today is one of those days. The food bowl is empty and Peanut is pacing around the bowl hoping something magically appears, she was even pulling back the mat under the food, probably hoping to find a morsel, poor little bit.

Hopefully some time with professionals will help, I’ll keep you posted.




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