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{September 29, 2015}   The same server, really? Nooooooo

You have got to be kidding me! The same so-so server a second time? C’mon!

Tonight we had a roll off dinner for the entire team, including a few extra people and we were 13 people at a table meant for 10, a bit squished, but it was alright, we are a close knit bunch and enjoy each other’s company, so it was all good.

Last month, I think it was, we went to this restaurant and the service was terrible. It felt like we had a brand new server, turns out this was not the case. He was incredibly slow bringing water, I had to ask three times for water, while one person was ordering a drink, he walked away. Another time, he tried to take a drink from someone’s hand, the orders took a long time to come out, when it was time to order dessert, he left off half of us, so not a great impression.

Both myself and MS, the Project Manager said something to the manager and we got a $50 gift card, very nice and we came back to that restaurant for our roll off dinner and THE SAME SERVER!!! He is a very pleasant person, it’s just that his skills waiting tables are lacking.

We had to tell him we wanted to order appetizers, then I went to find someone so we could order our main meals. I talked to one of the managers and she said he was a good server. I mentioned that maybe he wasn’t good with large parties, she said they had considered that and had been working with him. Oh well.

I will say that the food was good, everyone was happy, but don’t get me started about the service!



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