Peaches Prattlings

{September 25, 2015}   Rita Rudner is funny, timeless and classy

The longest running solo act in Las Vegas says a lot.

She was also voted nicest comedian for quite a few years. Her act, tonight, she said two bad words, a** and sh*t, that’s pretty impressive for a comedian these days, wouldn’t you agree? With all the foul mouthed comics out there, and don’t get me wrong, they have their place, some of them, it’s refreshing.

I started following Rita Rudner years ago, I love stand up comedians, doesn’t matter male or female, as long a they are funny, makes sense, right? She has great timing and delivery and just says what’s on her mind, although I know most of it is rehearsed, the way she says it, makes you think it’s not all scripted.

She’s poignant, current, on point and just talks about real life. There is still talk of her life as a celebrity, but more about her life as a mother and wife, but funny, funny, funny.

Dad took me to see her a few years ago in Las Vegas and also got me a copy of her book, autographed, wahoo! And it’s one of my treasured possessions.

So great to get to see her in Boston, I’m looking forward to the next time!




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