Peaches Prattlings

{September 21, 2015}   A very special request for Antie J!!!

Tonight, I got a very special phone call.

I thought it was GES, but when I answered, I heard MGS’ little voice saying hello and guess what! She has a loose tooth!

GES said that the first thing she said when she got home was “I have a loose tooth, can we call Auntie J, I need a tooth fairy pillow!” Did that send my heart soaring? What do you think!

so, what would she like on the pillow? A rainbow, two flowers and her name, I think that can be done. I did ask if this one comes out sooner than I can finish it, could she use EJS’ pillow? EJS, would that be alright? EJS said yes, what a good big sister!

The pillow in the picture is the same one I made for EJS when she was losing her first tooth, so the pressure is on!

Oh, but how I love these moments, they mean so very much to me, can you tell!?




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