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{September 17, 2015}   Yes, I’m still a vegan, that was just kind of rude…

I am an ovo-vegan, I’ve told you that on more than one occasion.

What does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means. It means that the only animal byproduct I eat are eggs and occasionally, butter.

The only reason I still eat butter, on occasion, is because the butter does not upset my stomach, and as you know, I’m highly allergic to dairy, becoming worse as time goes by, but I’ve been moving away from it for a while now, especially since I’ve started on this new diet for my fructose intolerance and there’s not much I can put butter on! I’ve told you before that I like to say “I’m vegetarian by choice, vegan by force”, I thought it was funny!

I know people joke that “How do you know someone is a vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you” ha ha…

It’s not like I tell people when I first meet them…”Hi, I’m JJ and I’m a vegan [now let me tell you all about it]”. When we go to dinner, I just have to make sure there is something on the menu I can eat, as long as they have salads or a salad, I’m set. My friends are more worried about it tan I am, which is nice and touching and I appreciate it. I can tell you, and I probably have, that being vegan is harder than being vegetarian, I’m still getting used to it.

So many people make fun of vegetarians or vegans, it’s easy, I guess. ‘I eat the food that food eats’, ‘Meat eaters eat second hand salad’, the list goes on. I don’t make fun of ‘meat-a-tarians’ as some of them refer to themselves, why would I. I also don’t comment about what you’re about to put in your mouth, someone already killed and cooked it, someone has to eat it, that’s just the way it is.

I’m not judging anyone, so why are you judging me? This morning I asked for an omelet, asked the guy to use my vegan cheese, next he started adding the vegetables I asked for, then asked if I wanted bacon, no thank you, I’m vegan, I don’t know if I said vegan or ovo-vegan, his response instead of just making the omelet, “So, you’re not a vegan” and it was in a condescending tone. Gee thanks.

What am I supposed to say? How am I supposed to respond? Disagree which just gives fuel to the fire, more teasing and condescension. From my friends, that’s one thing, but from strangers, it’s just plain rude and I’m not rude to you, why do you have to be rude to me? Did I point out that you touched meat and then the cheese in the case, I’m glad I wasn’t eating any of that!

How do I end this? Not a clue, I’m over it. I’m hungry, let’s go get some marinated tofu! [tee hee hee]



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