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{September 3, 2015}   I’m vegan and now I can’t eat what?!

As you are aware, I am ovo-vegan.

What this means is that I eat eggs, ovo, and actually, I also eat butter, so the only two animal bi-products I consume are eggs and butter because…well, butter makes everything better so until it upsets my stomach like all other dairy, I ain’t givin’ it up!

And I know you are also aware that I have been nauseous 24/7 for a very long time and I’ve been taking tests to see what it might be. Last Friday, I took a fructose test, this is similar to the glucose test where they give you a cup of sugar water, this time it was easier than the glucose, thank goodness. Interesting too as this garnered results.

When I went to see my GI, Gastroenterologist, to be exact, she gave me the results and they were a bit as I feared…

My name is JJ and I am fructose intolerant. There, I said it. Is there a support group somewhere that I could join?

Ok, for those of you scratching your heads, like I did, this means I cannot process high fructose corn syrup or some other natural sugars. Great, so I can’t have any dairy and now you’re taking away something else I love! Come on!

Not to worry, I will do whatever they tell me, I just wanted my little pity party and now I’m done!

There are certain fruits and veggies that are on the NO list…Apples, cherries, mangos, pears, watermelon. What! Watermelon? Nooooo! Some other things I can’t have…honey! NO!!!! I la la la love honey and love bringing back jars from wherever I travel, no more for me! I can have maple syrup and a cup of coffee/tea. Tea with maple syrup is grody! Now I have to give up artichokes and asparagus, what? NOOOOOO! These are some of my favorite things! [I know some of you started singing “The Sound of Music”! Ear worm!]

Now, on the opposite side, there are fruits I can eat, problem is, a lot of them are citrus and as you know, no dairy and no citrus, makes things interesting!

Now, you know I don’t drink and that’s good because rum is not allowed, but most wine, beer, gin and vodka are allowed! Maybe I should start drinking!

I am meeting with a nutritionist tomorrow to see where they might be able to help me plan a good diet, to avoid the foods I can’t eat and work with what I can.

And now you know what I was upset about on Tuesday and I was going to tell you everything, but then I went to a baseball game and PSM dropped off the minion and the flowers to cheer me up, so I had to tell you about that first! I’m sorry if I worried you at all!

There is so much to tell you over the next few days!

anti fruit basket image


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