Peaches Prattlings

{August 30, 2015}   Three and a half cities in one day, who knew!

We know how to live it up, let me tell you!

PSM and I were supposed to go to Gloucester a few weekends ago, but plans changed as they tend to do, so today was the day. Gloucester,, is the city where the hospital was that I was doing support this past month. It’s a pretty city, from what I could tell while I was driving to work and I wanted to see it.

We grabbed something really quick at Dunkin Donuts and headed up towards Gloucester, city number one, it was about an hours drive. We found a place to park and walked up and down the main drag, looking at and in stores and for a place to eat, to no avail. I did stop and get some earrings, a new pair of hoops and some fun silver studs, I was needing them!

We chose a restaurant with no wait and there wasn’t anything for me to eat and when I asked the server if they had anything for a vegan, he actually asked if I had questions if anything was vegan, really? Moving on…

We stopped in one place, asked if there was a place they served brunch and we were directed to George’s and were we pleased! It made up for a lot, the food was in abundance and we were sharing! The server was fabulous and the food was great, well worth the wait and search. The table of people next to us were a hoot, while they were there.


After brunch, we headed to city number two, Rockport, This was a charming, thriving, bustling seaside town. We could tell why people like to visit, stay, even live.

We walked up and down the different streets, alleys, shops, I even got to stick my feet in the sand and the water, a bit chilly but wonderful. Then we sat on a bench and listened to the water lapping on the shore and admired the sky. We stopped in a candy shop and got some candy sticks and bulls eyes, you know, the caramels with crème in the middle.

The streets were teeming with people and energy, the eddy was beautiful to walk out on and sit and think and just enjoy. We enjoyed the sights, smells, boats, waves, weather, wonderful.


After a few enjoyable hours, we went back to the car on to city number three, Essex, in search of dinner, at Woodman’s of Essex, but when we went across the street to Shea’s,, to have a drink, we ended up getting a table on the deck overlooking the marsh, absolutely beautiful.



Before we went to the restaurants, we drove a little down the road to see the sights and ended up in Ipswich, but turned back around, that was the half city.

We started talking to the women at the table next to ours and what are the odds, one of them was a Nurse Manager for one of the hospitals that we were supporting during Go-Live! They were a lot of fun to talk to and passed the time nicely.

After dinner we got back into the car and PSM drove me back to the hotel so I could talk to you, share some photos and get some sleep, I’m back in the office tomorrow. I can’t wait to see my friends!



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