Peaches Prattlings

{August 26, 2015}   Accomodating

Tonight was interesting.

As you know, I’ve been doing some testing to find out why I’m nauseous 24/7, well, this coming Friday is the next test, a glucose breath test. If this is anything like the other test, this is where they give me 8 ounces of glucose, then I get to blow into a bag every 15 minutes for 1.5 hours, fun huh?

So, part of the preparation for this test is to be on a very strict diet for 48 hours prior to the test, that means starting this morning no fruits or vegetables, what? What are you telling a vegan! I can eat any non-dairy “milk” products, rice, eggs and tofu. Yum…

This morning was easy, a nice omelet with eggs [real] and cheese [fake], it really was good and tasty. On the way in, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and they have almond milk now, so almond milk/decaf tea, mmmmm.

Lunch was a little more difficult, I brought eggs and veggie hot dogs and coconut milk yogurt. I actually only ate the yogurt.

Tonight we had a team dinner, I know, “JJ, not another team dinner! Oh my! ”

Well, I called them to find out if they could accommodate me and my dietary restrictions. I mentioned eggs, rice and tofu. They said no problem, they didn’t have tofu, but could accommodate the rice and egg, great!

We get there and I introduced myself to the servers and said, “I’m a problem child” and we were all set. Eventually, I added an order of deviled eggs as an appetizer. The deviled eggs came out when everyone else was getting their entrees and I asked if they knew where my meal was. Oh…let me go check on that for you, hmmm…

“I’m not sure what’s taking so long”. “They are just waiting on the rice” What? I called earlier in the day to tell you of my dietary needs and it was the simplest food…So, everyone was about finished and here comes my food. I’m glad I ordered the deviled eggs, I was hungry! Finally, when the food came, it was very pretty, rice mixed with egg and tofu on top. How nice was that! And it was brought out by a manager, fancy.

So, all in all, I was quit pleased and full! And…I have lunch for tomorrow!



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