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{August 25, 2015}   Facebook can hurt

It’s true, what you see can elicit reactions.

I was looking for a different image and found this one and it was so fitting, especially when I got divorced, so my post is taking a different turn tonight.

After I got divorced, I was dealing with things, getting my into my life full swing, well, after a while anyway. I finally paid some attention to my Facebook account, just like everyone else was at that time. I think I had started it a few years earlier, but hadn’t done much with it. I was working my business, reconnecting, you know how it goes.

I wasn’t friends with the wasband, but I hadn’t blocked him at the time, I thought I could avoid looking. I can’t remember if I was friends with my son at the time, C had an account, T didn’t at the time. Well, I would check out C’s page and pictures of he and his friends and his girlfriend at the time, I think she and I were friends. I was friends with his best friend, BC and his best friend’s brother and step dad, you know how that goes.

Well, I would go through my son’s page and pictures, I guess I was friends with him, now that I think about it, and then I would see pictures of his dad and her and then I would “accidentally” click on his dad’s page, really? What was I thinking? I wasn’t, I was still a wee bit raw. That’s also how I got confirmation that he had gotten remarried, I clicked on his new wife’s page and her name was surprisingly the same as his.  Any takers on how all that affected me? muwahahaha!

So, I promptly blocked the wasband and his wife, it was much easier that way!

That happened so long ago and I really am past it all, but let’s be honest, are we ever completely past it all? It’s part of who we are and what makes us…us. When I saw the photo I couldn’t help but laugh, where was that warning when I was “accidentally” clicking on the wasband’s pictures?

Of course, as they say, the best revenge is to be happy and guess what folks…



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