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{August 24, 2015}   Excuse…rude…much?

Surface Pro 3 is fixed, but at what price?

On the advice of someone, I upgraded to Windows 10, this was a mistake. I normally wait a while after something new comes out so I can see how it does and they can work out the bugs, but this time, I didn’t wait and jumped feet first. Splat. It totally horked, this is a word meaning messed up, my Surface Pro 3.

One of the things I la la la love about my SP3, ooh, I like that! Is the ability to have 3 windows open at the same time. Write to you, check my email and watch Netflix, not to shabby, huh? Windows 10 took that away, among other things.

I did my darndest to try to fix it, to no avail, so…the next logical step…restore back to Windows 8. I realized I did not want to take a chance doing this myself, so I took everything off and/or backed it up and then PSM and I went to a Microsoft store for support.

This store, if you are not familiar with it, look exactly like an Apple store, for those of you Apple nuts, except this one…all Microsoft products. I walked towards the help desk area and right off, didn’t get warm fuzzies, but I needed help so here I stayed.

The technician that finally helped me was good at what he did, but he was smarmy and obnoxious and holier than thou, not a fan. Apparently he thought I wasn’t too bright or should I say, tech savvy. When I told him one of the issues I was having was that Skype would not close, the window would stay open, his response “You have to quit Skype first!” Really Einstein? Gee thanks! I was glad to have PSM there to back up what I already told him and what I like…he can talk the talk.

It kind of went downhill, so to speak, from there. I wasn’t impressed, but he got the job done, definitely would not recommend this person to help others until he changes his attitude.

Would a little compassion hurt? For someone who may have actually been computer illiterate?

Let’s see what happens when he needs help with something…



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