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{August 23, 2015}   Happy birthday…mom

Today, August 23rd, my mom would have been 68.

I guess technically she would have been 69 since she passed before her 59th birthday, but it’s my blog, so she would have been 58.

I know I’ve only told you a few things about my mom, just something I keep close to my chest. My mom was quite the woman and since this is her birthday, I’m going to tell you what celebrations meant to her.

My mom loved to celebrate, it didn’t matter what it was, she made it great. I almost said my parties, but it was our parties, GES and I, as kids, they were some of the best parties ever, always so original. Until we were about 9 or 10, could have been younger, when we decided we wanted things like skating or bowling parties, we would have parties in the backyard or basement.

In the backyard, I remember an art party, she put up newsprint pads on easels or attached to the fence with paints and we had our own gallery. If it rained, we went to the basement and played games, all different stations set up and there were prizes for the winners, of course everyone was a winner!

I don’t remember the food, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, but I do remember the cakes. Until we got them from a cake shop, they were home made. What more could you want?

Those parties were what inspired me for my kids, I made sure every birthday was special. There were parties with friends and then parties with just the four of us, I made a special cake and decorated the house, so much fun. GES does the most amazing things for her girls, I know they were inspired by what our mom did for us.

She was funny too, on my half birthday, she would sing Happy Birthday, but half the song. “Hap Bir T Yo!” Silly, right? well, it’s just what she did and I loved it.

I guess that’s why celebrating birthdays is so important, especially with the person I’m with, she and dad instilled that in us, value those you are with and let them know how much they mean to you, how much better the world is with you in it.

Happy birthday mommy, I love you.


And to my cousin JFS, my mom’s first cousin and 20 years apart to the day, I wish you the bestest birthday ever. We don’t talk often, but you’re always in my thoughts. Happiest of happy birthdays. XOXO


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