Peaches Prattlings

{August 21, 2015}   Girls Night In!

Tonight, I had a girls night in.

I had the perfect GNI, just what I needed. It was me, Jymy and Peanut, yup, girls night in with my cats. Don’t laugh, it was all girls!

I got to the hotel, put on comfy clothes, settled in on the sofa with some veggies and hummus, a good start, then I decided I was going to go all girl. Into the bathroom to bring the red back [Revlon, 42], during the 25 minutes the dye was setting, I removed the polish from my claws and paws. After my shower, I put on some more comfy clothes and green for the fingers and sparkly purple for the toes. I tried, but the girls weren’t into getting their paws or claws done, oh well, more for me!

When I was sufficiently dry, top to bottom, I cooked an artichoke and some corn on the cob, a perfect dinner.

After dinner, I cleaned up then laid out on the couch with the cats and watched movies until it was time to write to you.

Girls night in, perfection!



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