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{August 19, 2015}   Botox? Um…

Botox is an option, but is it one I want to say yes to?

I had heard that Botox was an option as a cure for migraines, but is it something I want to take a chance with, that’s the question.

Backstory…I know, you’re finding out a lot about me lately! I have a headache 24/7 and it’s been going on for a few years, so finally, I decided that I’m done, like my nausea, fun huh?

Today, I had an appointment with a headache specialist. Prior to the appointment, I had to fill out a packet, had to be about 10 pages, that gave me a headache, oh my! Then while I talked to her, I present a challenge…one medication could give me kidney stones, and as I am prone to them, that was out, another has this side effect, that one has this side effect. She talked about Botox, which I have heard about as a potential cure, but do I want that done to my face?

There would be 31 needles along my hairline, which doesn’t sound horrible, but there would be side effects, just like a normal Botox injection and I like my face just the way it is, I want to look happy, surprised and whatever else my face can do!

The funny thing about the Botox treatment, it’s not covered under insurance as a first step, you have to try other things and have them fail so that you can try Botox, huh? Ok, we’ll see.

So, we came up with another tactic. I’m on a daily prescription to help prevent the headaches and something else for my migraines. Step one…let’s see what happens.

0ee668fbb7898a7219cf26eb63219d04jc  batox


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