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{August 17, 2015}   A roll off and a reunion

Another fabulous team dinner, yum!

SF, one of the team leads on the project, who has been at this hospital for multiple projects has been here 491 days, what!? Well, it’s time for her to roll off.

As I think I told you, we will have roll off dinners when co-workers leave the project. The sad thing tonight is realizing that a co-worker and friend is leaving, but the fun thing was a reunion of sorts. Since I am working in a different location, I don’t get to see everyone that was there tonight, so it was a great treat.

We laughed, caught up, ate great food, reminisced over the time together on the project and what was coming next, mostly vacations that are coming up, where are we going? What are our plans? Can I go with you?

It was a great night. Nothing but good wishes for the future FS!



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