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{July 29, 2015}   Falling asleep on the sofa

Sometimes it just feels right.

I was sitting in front of the sofa working thinking about laying on the sofa and how it might be nice to sleep that way. I sat up on the sofa and put my head on the arm rest and all of a sudden I woke up with a jolt, jumping up, where was I? But boy, it felt good.

So, here I sit talking to you, very tired, which is rare at this hour, thinking about my options…laying on the sofa and sleeping or getting up and moving to the bed, getting in, under the covers and snuggling down in the fabulous comforter with the cats. Hmmm…the choices.

I know, this was a deep, meaningful and insightful post. I’m deep like that.

So…sofa or bed…sofa or bed…I’ll let you know.


digitsmom says:

Beware of the sofa. I fell asleep on my sofa once and ended up pulling an ass muscle because my hip was in the dip between the cushions. It took 4 weeks of physical therapy and ass massages to bend and sit without pain!

That is awesome! Not awesome that you hurt yourself by any means! Thank you for telling me!! I will definitely be ware! !!

I am so sorry you went theory that! I’m glad you’re ok!

I am so sorry you went through that! I’m glad you’re ok!

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