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{July 21, 2015}   Did I say something? You bet I did!

You bet your sweet bippie!

I’ve talked to you about customer service before. Tonight, I was at a team dinner for work and I encountered some poor customer service from my server. It was poor enough that my coworkers noticed and said something to me.

When we got there, I asked for a vegan menu, they didn’t have one and there were no vegan options on the menu. Ok, par for the course, I am used to it, it happens. When it was time to order, I jimmied a dish to fit what I wanted. I also ordered a salad to start.

The salad arrived at the same time as my main meal, it was sautéed veggies on a bed of rice. When it arrived, there were tomatoes in the dish, I had told her that I was allergic and there was a red sauce on it, I asked what it was…siracha! Oh my! On me was the fact that I did not ask what the sauce/seasoning would be. My coworkers laughed when they heard siracha! They know me so well!

When she took the plate back towards the kitchen was the first time she had a visible reaction. My back was to the kitchen, but everyone else could see into the kitchen with the chef’s having a wee bit of a cow over my new request.

The issue was that every time the server came to the table and I asked a question, she rolled her eyes. It wasn’t even subtle, forget the eye roll, you could see it in her body language! If it was once, ok, maybe I’d let it slide, but every time? Even when I asked a question about the amount of time I needed to steep my tea, really?

Before I left, I went to the front podium and ask to speak with a manager. I explained the situation to her, she said she would say something. Your job is customer service and just because I didn’t agree with something or I wanted something sent back, it’s not a reflection of you or your work, but come on, no matter how mad you are, hide it!

So, there you go.



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