Peaches Prattlings

{July 19, 2015}   When I forget to ask…I pay for it

My intolerance to dairy has gotten so bad,  I have to ask if there is dairy in almost everything. And if I forget…I pay for it.

If I know someone is going to hurt, I had better really want it. If I don’t know something has dairy in it and I don’t ask,  I’m in trouble.

I am inspired by the fact that I ate something I assumed was all fruit and as I sit here in agony,  I think this was not the case.

I got a fresh peach ice pop,  not thinking to ask if there was dairy because the others I have had before were fine.  Shame on me,  especially as I sit here I’m agony with cramping and intense nausea, more than normal,  when referring to my nausea.

Lesson learned,  the hard way…ask,  ask, ask.



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