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{July 18, 2015}   It’s amazing the things we will share

It really is amazing the information that we will share with each other.

Think about it, a friend tells you something in confidence, do you share it, or do you keep it yourself? If you’re a good friend you keep it yourself, of course. That’s one type of information that we share.

There is TMI type of information otherwise known as “Too Much Information” for those of you not in the know…maybe a little bit more about their medical procedure than you ever wanted to know.

But then there’s other type of information that we want to know, such as how things are going, did you hear from that boy, did the girl say she likes you back.

There’s other kinds of information that someone not in the conversation would look at you and think eewe, Oh my goodness or what is your problem! But because you know the situation you’re excited for that person even when they tell you something gross.

Perfect example, years ago when one of my cats are still alive, I got an electric cat box, the kind where the arm comes up and down to sweep away their business, because I needed something that would take care of the litter and the smell quickly. I had a cat who was about 10 years old and set in her ways and I didn’t know how she would deal with the change. I brought the box home set it up and she used it.

Here comes the TMI information, I called my mom and I said “we have poopy!” It wasn’t the fact that she had pooped, it was the fact that she took to something new, and used it like she was supposed to and that was the part that please me oh so much.

Now, to anyone else this may seem like an inane and disgusting conversation but since I had been a little worried about it, it was important to me that she used the box and my mom knew that I was worried about it so I could share the information with her. And in that case it was not as disgusting as it sounds.

That being said, I was inspired to write this post because a friend texted me something that someone else might think “ick, that’s gross” but it excited us both.

Is there anything you’d like to share with me? I’ll keep your secret. I don’t judge



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