Peaches Prattlings

{July 13, 2015}   Why am I watching this?


This is a show about botched plastic surgeries and the two famous plastic surgeons these people go to, to help correct the botched surgeries which in turn helps with their attitude, outlook, and their self esteem, etc.

I discovered this show a while back, but didn’t watch it. A few months ago I was flipping channels, as I am apt to do when I am in the hotel and brain dead after work sometimes.

I had completely forgotten about it until tonight, when I got back from dinner and it was on, so of course, I had to watch. No, I didn’t have to, but it felt like it.

Why am I watching this? I don’t want to see actual surgery, it’s kind of grody, but…would I have plastic surgery if I could? If money was no object?

what am I doing? why am I watching this!


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