Peaches Prattlings

{July 10, 2015}   Where did the day go?

It’s Friday and I went into the office.

That was my first mistake, I say that because I only intended to go into the office until about 12:30, guess when I left the office…5:30, yes I am serious.

I know, you might be thinking, ok, so what’s the big deal, you left work at 5:30, that’s when most people leave the office. Yes, in a normal office setting, when you live near the office or at least in the same city or close to it, you work 8-5 or 9-5 most week days. As a consultant, working at the client site, not so much.

We arrive by noon on Mondays and most people fly out on Thursday afternoon, flights are at 4, leave the office no later than 2. Since I have been on this project in Massachusetts, I have not been traveling as much because my sister and family are here and so is PSM, it’s been great but…as I am not traveling very much, sometimes I go into the office instead of working from the hotel.

As I had a bunch of hours this week already, the plan was to go in for a few hours, answer emails, get some work done and then fly the coop. Well…let’s just say, that was a plan that did not happen! I started with emails, then I moved on to updates, then I moved on to spreadsheets and then…and then…and then! But wait…there’s more!!

So as one thing led to another and another, I stayed. I had a conference call from 2-3pm, I was going to leave right after, then I had dropped the ball on something so I said I would have it within the hour [this was at 2:53pm] and at 3:48 pm, I was done! Wahoo! Thanks to HH for being my sounding board!

I got it done, submitted, then someone else needed me, then this, then that. I had disappeared into room with some folks this afternoon and when I got back to where I was working, I was told someone wanted to talk to me, that took another 20 minutes or so!

I was finally able to complete my time and expenses, which is due tomorrow evening, but I wanted to get it done so I could turn my work laptop off and not think about it until Monday morning, sounds like a plan, right?

So…my list of errands got pushed back, but on the bright side…I was able to take care of a crap-ton of stuff at work, which, in the end was a very good thing. But it killed my afternoon of trying to get other things taken care of.

Oh well, such is life.



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