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{July 6, 2015}   Misconceptions

Tomorrow, I will tell you all about the weekend. Tonight, I will talk about misconceptions.

It cracks me up when people get the wrong idea about some things, we all do it, every day. Have you ever asked a woman if she’s pregnant and she’s not? I have, not a fun experience, for either of you!

Well, this weekend, I had one, a douzy. I have been wearing my mom’s diamond ring since she passed, I wear it on my right ring finger and as I said, I have worn it since my mom died, ten years ago. There have been times that I meet someone and they ask if it’s my engagement ring from when I was married, nope.

This weekend…PSM took a picture of me drinking a stout. A bunch of people couldn’t believe I was drinking, which I wasn’t, it was a goof, a bunch of people just liked my nail polish, a fabulous blue that PSM actually selected a while back and the rest…”Did I have any news?” “Beautiful ring!” “details” What?  My sister said people were even reaching out to her! Any news?

Thanks people, but this was my mom’s ring, I have been wearing it for ten years and it’s on my right hand.

Promise…I’ll let you know if there is something to know!

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