Peaches Prattlings

{June 30, 2015}   I miss my daddy

I think I’ve told you I talk to my dad every day, haven’t I?

Well, on Saturday, dad and LaLa went on vacation. I got to talk to him yesterday, but not today and I don’t know when I’ll get to talk to him again, I’m sure one or two more times until they get back, but it’s not the same!

We talk almost every day, some times it’s a few minutes, sometimes a few more, sometimes an hour. Some days he calls, some days I call, but it’s just about every day. Admittedly, there have been times we missed one day here and there and I notice, but it’s never more than a day.

It was the same when I went to Ireland, I didn’t get to talk to him every day and it was weird and here we are again. I like sharing my life with him, telling him about my day and hearing about his.

He’s having a great time and I’m so happy for him. When he gets back, so much to catch up on!


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