Peaches Prattlings

{June 28, 2015}   A new adventure

Life is an adventure, full of new experiences.

My brother-in-law, ACS, is about to have a new adventure and plenty of new experiences. He is going back to school to get his Masters in Education and start a new adventure as a teacher.

He’s been at the same company for over 15 years and he is very good at what he does, but after so many years, he is ready for a change. He’s been thinking about it for a while, but wanted to wait until the time was right, for the family, for the job, for the company, before he made any big decisions.

One of the deciding factors was MGS going to kindergarten next year, both girls in elementary school was a start. I’m not going into more details, that is his story to tell. I just know that this next year will be full of changes, experiences and new adventures and I look forward to hearing all about that!

Good luck ACS, it’s going to be a grand adventure!


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