Peaches Prattlings

{June 26, 2015}   Would it be alright if I finished ordering before you interrupt?

Just a little frustrating…

This has happened on more than one occasion and I’ve had enough and want to say something and then I hope I’m done, so here’s my rant.

I order the same drink from the big named coffee place, you fill in the blank. I don’t order very many things, so I tend to stick to the same ones for a long time. Since this place now offers coconut milk, and I am excited about it, I have one drink that I order.

It’s the largest one they have, coconut milk, “hot or cold?” excuse me? “hot or cold” well, if you would let me finish my order you would know what I want, extra hot. Then I ask for the decaf chai, we don’t have that, yes you do have decaf, it’s in the tea bags, “that’s a latte” fine, decaf chai latte, which I have gotten with coffee before, no thank you! no water, no foam, extra hot, by the time they get the ingredients, I have to yell out “no water!” and they have to start over since they poured water into the cup.

Please let me finish ordering before you ask questions, I am sure I will answer all your questions by the time I am through.

Rant over, thank you!

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