Peaches Prattlings

{June 25, 2015}   Inside Out

Go see it!

This was a charming, funny, heart warming, heart wrenching, sad, silly, angry, happy, joyful experience all rolled up into a Disney Pixar movie, which, come on, let’s be real, are there any Disney Pixar movies that aren’t wonderful?

The premise is that we get to see inside the head of an 11 year old girl, all her emotions, who are the main characters: Disgust, who won’t let her eat anything icky, Fear, who won’t let her do anything too crazy, Joy, who wants every moment to be happy, Sadness, who, well, can’t feel anything but sadness and lastly, Anger, who everyone really loves who sees the movie.

As I was watching this, I kept thinking “I’m Joy, I’m Joy” I want people to be happy, never a sad or dull moment, how do I fix it so every moment is a good one and good memory and the realization is that you can’t do that, you have to have all of your emotions and some are more prevalent than others in different situations, they all work together or things go wrong.

The movie is so clever in its concept and execution. You get an insight into Riley’s head, she’s the 11 year old and then we see the same emotions inside mom and dad’s heads, but their emotions reflect who they are, like all dad’s emotions have the same thick moustache he does and mom’s has the same hair! The really interesting thing is to see how they all work together and who’s emotion is ‘in charge’ in each head.

Make sure you stay after the end of the movie, part way through the credits, it’s really cute.

Fair description PSM?


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