Peaches Prattlings

{June 19, 2015}   A graduation!

Today marked a big achievement!

MGS graduated from pre-k, next year moving up to kindergarten! Oh my goodness, where did the time go?

It was cute, they had the area between the classrooms set up with chairs for the parents and along the walls there were small chairs for the kids, with their names on them on orange tape. There was also orange tape on the floor so they knew where to stand for their big song.

They all came out and stood in front of the families and when it was time, one of their teachers told us about the song they were going to perform, and then they started. Singing, the hand gestures, it was great! Not to mention the graduation caps they were wearing, made from black construction paper! With red tassel, no less!

After a huge round of applause, the kids went to their assigned seats and were called up one by one by the teachers. After they got their laminated diploma, both teachers knelt down to take a picture with each child, very cute!

After the diplomas, we were treated to a slide show of the kids throughout the year and “There are tissues at the end of each row”, perfect!

After the slide show, it was pictures and hugs with the graduates and a pizza party, well, isn’t that the way you would celebrate?

I got to see my niece get her first diploma! Congrats MGS!


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