Peaches Prattlings

{June 10, 2015}   Taking work spouse to a whole different level!

I told you the other night about work spouses, last night it went to a whole different level.

Since I travel for work, I have a corporate credit card. There was an adjustment period, when I first started traveling, with credit card limits. Things seemed to be going smoothly and a few months ago when I was on my project in Buffalo, I had trouble using the card and I found out the limit had been lowered, I took care of it, all is right with the world.

Yesterday, I ran into an issue, called the credit card company and found out that someone had lowered the limit a month ago. Huh? Well, PM was having the same problem, go figure. He had been in a different hotel Monday night because he couldn’t get into the same hotel this week, he called the other hotel and they had a room for him, great. He went to check into the new hotel, no reservation, what?

I told him that he could stay on my pull out sofa if he needed it, he said that would work for one night. Well, I knew it was odd, but a solution. So, here I was with my work spouse in my hotel room, that’s not how it’s supposed to go, it’s supposed to stay at the office, maybe dinner, that’s it! ha ha

Well, I told you that I got to see GES last night for her birthday and while I was there, I messaged PM and told him I would stay at my sister’s house and he could stay in the room, I knew there was relief, a much easier situation.

Today, the credit card issues were resolved and he was also able to find a hotel room, terrific. Back to normal, whatever that is!

Like I said, a whole different level!


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