Peaches Prattlings

{June 7, 2015}   Auto corret…Love/Hate relationships

We’ve all fallen victim to auto correct once or twice, right?

Ok, come on, be honest, it’s like hundreds of times, right? Have you ever looked at what the phone auto corrected with and felt like sinking into the floor? Sometimes it picks words as a suggestion that have nothing to do with what you are typing or thinking. Does your phone stick words in the middle of your sentence without you realizing it sometimes? The worst part is when you don’t catch it and hit send! Then you try to fix it and it makes it worse? Ugh!

Now, there are all sorts of sites dedicated to this lovely situation and I often wonder…could these actually be real? Some people say no, but after going through it myself, I have to wonder. Although, with some, I might have to agree, they seem too extreme to be a simple mistake. I do love the ones between kids and their parents.

Now, one of the websites I like is “Damn you autocorrect!” I’m not going to post the link because sometimes the first one that shows may not something I want to be to be associated with, so I will just let you go there if you so choose.

The thing I love is that when I click on one, I start laughing at some of them, sometimes so hard I’m crying. What I don’t love is getting sucked in and an hour later, I’m still looking at these crazy things!

Enjoy! [I was trying to think of something funny to pretend to auto-correct, but it’s just not working, so enjoy!]


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