Peaches Prattlings

{May 30, 2015}   I have my babies back with me

It’s a sorority again!

I’m on a project in Boston for a few months and I am staying at a hotel that allows pets, so I signed a waiver and I was all set. Today, PSM and I went out for a bit, on the way back to the house we stopped at PetSmart to pick up a few essentials.

Then back at the house I sat down and wasn’t sure if I was going to have to be the cat whisperer, would I have to sit there and wait patiently for them to come and see me before I could get them in the carriers. Not a problem, they just kind of walked up and I grabbed Jymy and held her while PSM held Peanut on the loveseat, bless him, he’s allergic to cats! I got both girls in their carriers, then into the car, finished loading the last few things and headed to the hotel.

Got to the hotel, brought the cats to the room, let them out to explore, then I went to unload the car. I came back to the room, a studio, one room with a tiny divider between the bed and the kitchen, not a huge space and I COULD NOT find Peanut! I mean, where did she go? I checked under and in everything, no cat! I started to panic a wee bit, so I went outside and went down the hall, maybe she got out?

Nope…I get back into the room, there she is, what?!  Sneaky little sucker!

They have settled in nicely, they have run around and sat and slept and climbed on me and now I’m sitting in bed with Peanut by my side and I know that when I lay down, Jymy will jump up here with me too, looking forward to it.

I have my girls back with me, I’m excited to be able to cuddle with them and be around them during the week and some weekends, more than I have had for a while, it feels good.

I’m at peace. Sigh…



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