Peaches Prattlings

{May 21, 2015}   I got ugamugas today!

Yes, I know you don’t know what an ugamuga is, so let me explain!

You may have gotten a hint by the photo [and you also probably know that’s not a picture of anyone I know] what an ugamuga is, but in my sister’s family, it’s when MGS and GES rub their noses together and then give each other a kiss. It’s really cute.

Today, the house was quiet when I got back and then everyone started to come home. GES and EJS, I got hugs and kisses and…she scored her first goal in soccer yesterday! Go EGS!

Then ACS and MGS got home and I got smooches and hugs and “I love you” and then we were attached. Everywhere I went, she came with me and held my hand. We walked down the street to see the new house being built, she reached for my hand, we got her roller skates from the garage and skated down the block, she held my hand, we went to get a sweatshirt, you come with me! And reached for my hand. We went for a ride in the convertible, that was fun!

We got back and had something to eat and then just before GES went out for girls night, they did “ugamugas” and they announce it too. After ugamugas with her mommy, she looked at me and held up her face and announced “ugamugas” What? For me? Yes! I leaned down rubbed noses with my niece, then got a kiss. It was fantastic!

It’s something I’ve watched them do for a while and tonight, she turned to me as well, it felt so good! Sigh…


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