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{May 12, 2015}   Taking your kids [cats] to the doctor [vet]

It doesn’t matter if your kids are two legged or four legged, taking them to the doctor/vet is not that much fun.

Dogs, from what I see and understand, love getting in the car, not so much for cats, you kind of have to trick them to get into the pet carrier, then carry them into the car and listen to the cries all the way to the vet.

Then into the vet’s office and the visit begins. On the scale, hold her in place, then comes the dreaded…taking of the temperature. At least with children, after a certain age, they can hold the thermometer under their tongue, babies and pets…not there!

That’s when I turn my head away or at least try to get out of their line of sight so they don’t associate it with me! Oh my but the look on their faces! Luckily, it doesn’t last that long and the memory is gone, fingers crossed.

Shots are worse, I always leave the room so I am definitely not associated with that pain!

The hard part is that with animals, a lot of times, we don’t know what’s wrong with them until they do lots of tests, since they can’t just look at us and say “mom, my tummy hurts”, that’s why I’m doing this or that.

And just like with our two legged babies, we would take the pain away if we could, wouldn’t we?

The best we can hope for is painless tests, quick diagnosis, easy treatment and speedy recovery, right, not much to ask for is it? Oh, and lack of memory, especially with us taking us there!

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