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{May 8, 2015}   EPIC FAIL

Delta…Detroit airport and SPG are not far behind.

Today was my last day on this project that I have been on in Buffalo. It has been a very long day and it’s not over.

Grab a cup of coffee or maybe you might want to take a nap…this is going to be a doozy and you might be as tired as I am now when you finish reading this.

As you know, we went live with our application on Friday, so Go-Live support in the command centers starts at 6 a.m. Being that it starts at 6 a.m., that means I get up at 5 a.m. and I leave by 5:30 AM so that I get there by 6 a.m.

I packed last night and then this morning I got up, took a shower and just had the little things left to throw into the bag.

I got there on time, started working and didn’t see a person who needed help for a few hours so I was able to get a lot of data entry done. It was a pretty quiet day,  happy to say.

I said some goodbyes,  it was nice,  the client thanked me for everything and hoped to work with me again in the future,  that always feels good.

Let’s just say,  I was on track to have smooth travels and get to Boston before sunset…HA, I say to you…ha!

When I left the hotel,  I realized I had left my sweatshirt/dress, I love this thing and cannot replace it, so if it were to go missing, sad me. I got it at H&M in Chicago for $10 and I have never been able to find it to replace it should it be time to retire it.

I called the hotel,  they said they would check and get back to me. Who do you think called first? Yup, you guessed it. I called and got “no,  no one found it”, ok. I’m thinking, could I have left it at the restaurant on Wednesday?  No, why?  Because I was wearing it last night over my jammies.

I decided to stop by the hotel on the way to the airport,  just in case, and luckily,  the hotel is literally across the street from the airport. I get to the desk,  again no,  but let us check with the housekeeping staff, just in case.  They have it!  Wahoo!

My flight was at 3:42, I need to have my bag checked in 45 minutes prior to the flight to make it on the flight. I got to the hotel about 2:20, enough time to get the sweatshirt,  get gas,  return the car and get my bag on. Yeah right…

It was 2:50 before I got out of there! I think they called on the walkie talkie three times before she showed up,  15 minutes after she said she had it…once,  the girl at the desk asked if I wanted to go get gas,  then come back.  I wouldn’t have made it.

I left,  went right to rental car return,  I don’t think I drove more than 75 miles (with Avis, if you drive less than 75 miles,  you don’t have to fill the tank). I got onto the airport at 2:58 and looked at the line…there was a group of six people at the Sky Priority desk trying to figure something out as I watched the minutes tick by…they finally moved out of the way, the guy in front of me finally got his turn and then someone called me over. There are definite advantages to being a medallion member and I do not take those for granted.

I said I hoped I made the 45 minute cut off, she said Buffalo was 30 minutes, but it was nice to see I was trained right!  I got through security, got to the gate,  grabbed a few snacks and then got on the plane. I’ve mentioned I love first class,  right? Well…

We sit there, it’s a little baby planelet and it’s a little warm. One of the overhead bins has a broken latch,  we can’t leave until someone fixes it…seriously?  Do like my dad does and duct tape it! When in doubt…duck it!

No..we wait ALMOST AN HOUR for a technician to come on and take the door off…then we sit on the runway for a while,  since we’re in line now. 

The air never really came on,  so the flight was full of people sweating and fanning themselves.  I got up to go to the bathroom just after my drink was delivered.  The only bathroom was in the back of the plane and as I get back there,  there was a small line. People saw me standing there and because I thought I was being polite and not wanting to crowd anyone, more and more people got up to go you the bathroom.  Seriously?

I get back to my seat just as the fasten seat belt sign,  we’re landing,  came on. I am connecting in Detroit. Since it was my last day on the project, I thought it would be nice and ok to take Delta and a connecting flight.  Yeah right….

We landed 2 minutes after my connecting flight took off, great.  I called Delta and I was already rebooked on a flight leaving 7:50pm. And first class, thank you.  Not terrible, it was 5:50 by now,  so get some dinner and walk leisurely to the gate at the other end of the airport.

I take my time walking through the airport, there’s a Japanese restaurant I like there. Being there made me miss my Michigan days and friends…road trip KLS, KNOB, AM!!

Dinner was good,  leftovers for later,  head to gate A2. On the way, new updates…the flight is leaving at 8:00…8:50…9:00…9:25…I get down to A2, sit there for a while and then they announce…the flight has moved to A77..WHAT?

So..make the walk back to the other end of the airport,  bags getting heavier on my shoulders.  I finally get there and ask what happened…I have no idea what she said, sorry.  Then we wait,  and wait and wait. They said something about mechanical issues, slight,  but have to be checked. Groan. There were other flights in the same boat.

9:25pm comes and goes,  I doze off and I’m so glad I woke up when I did,  they were boarding!  It’s 10:53 and we are just now taking off…

Finally,  the air came on…

There is a bed in Boston with my name on it.  Please don’t wake me before Sunday!



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