Peaches Prattlings

{May 7, 2015}   Tonight’s talk is about…Bellybuttons!

Yes, you heard right, belly buttons!

I was inspired today to talk about belly buttons simply because earlier today my belly button was itchy. Does your belly button ever get itchy?  This got me to thinking about belly buttons and all things related.

We start off life with our belly buttons being the conduit for nutrients, so to speak, that is where the umbilical cord is attached and when we are born, it is something that is watched and treated and cleaned and cared for and eventually it falls off, the umbilical cord, not the belly button! Some mommies keep what falls out, ok…

Our belly buttons develop either “innie” or “outie” and it becomes something we are fascinated with when we realize our fingers fit perfectly inside, well, if they are “innies” and we spend lots of time showing our friends and parents and anyone who will look, we love our bellies! If they’re “outies” we show them off how different they are and we poke them back in to watch them pop out! How cool and inventive are we!

Did you know that the wonderful pasta, the tortellini, was legend to be modeled after a belly button? There are many stories, one that I heard was about a sculptor who was in love with his model and invented the navel shaped pasta after her fabulous belly button.

I had a belly button ring at one time, I loved it! Then I had an x-ray and had to take it out, after it healed up, I had it done again, got infected, no more belly button ring. When I told my folks, they asked why and then when they were traveling once, they brought me a clay figure of a gnome sitting under a mushroom, my mom said “He’s contemplating his belly button” ha ha…

And we all know about belly button lint, we find it more in the winter, right? Lint from our sweaters and if you have a big belly, you probably have a big belly button and you could knit a sweater from what you pull out of there! Eweee…

It’s amazing how important they are to us, but are often forgotten. We like to adorn them with jewelry, in the 90s we wore crop tops, also known as belly shirts, we take for granted that we have them, its just there, but what if it’s not? The tv show Kyle XY had the lead with no belly button, since he wasn’t human. I was watching that show Botched, about bad plastic surgeries, and a woman had lost a lot of weight and had a tummy tuck and her belly button disappeared, she went to the doctors and while they were in there, instead of having to create a new one, they found hers! A friend told me about her dad who had surgery after the war and he never had one after that, fascinating!

I will leave you with the wonderful sound of quite possibly the most famous belly button in the world.

I hope you giggled, had a good belly [button] laugh!


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