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{May 6, 2015}   Some days I want to be Tony Stark

There, I said it, some days I want to be Tony Stark.

It’s not every day, but there are days…c’mon face it, he’s good looking, uber rich, uber smart and has some of the best toys known to humankind, right?

Boy genius, can build almost anything, has the means to do it and won’t stop until he accomplishes his goal, some times at great cost, but he really doesn’t care about much, aside from himself, so what does it matter, to him anyway. Well, he does care about Pepper Potts, she’s his kryptonite, so to speak, the only ‘thing’ he truly cares and worries about.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times I would love to be each of the Avengers, one at a time of course, they each have amazing qualities and just think of all the good in the world I could do. But still, you have to agree…Tony Stark is bitchin’!

I took one of those dorky quizzes on FaceBook and guess who I got!

untitled (8)

You’re part leader, part rogue. You value those around you, but if you’re convinced you’re right, you don’t care what anyone else thinks.

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