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{May 5, 2015}   Gratitude…saying thank you goes a long way

Don’t you agree?

There are different ways to show appreciation…you can say thank you, you can give a gift, a card, send an email, leave a note, flowers, sky writing, a smile. However you decide to do it, just do it, it means the world to some and makes a world of difference.

I know we say thank you for someone holding the door open for you, serving your food, delivering your mail, the person at the register, but do you thank people who don’t normally get a thank you, people who work behind the scenes?

Sometimes it is something that will make someone’s day. I make it a point of thanking people for things they do for me, even if they don’t do anything directly for me. Do you thank service men and women for their service to the country? Do you thank the person who cleans your hotel room? Do you ever thank the person who cleans the bathrooms in a public place? Your office? The airport? A stadium?

Tonight, the team went to dinner, a roll off dinner, as several us are done with the project this week and even though PM has been thanking us for all we have been doing, she thanked us a little more formally, with a hand written note [a lost art by the way] and a gift card, she didn’t need to go that extra step, but she did and it really meant a lot to me and I know to my team mates as well.

Please take that extra step to reach out and say thank you to someone, maybe you’ll make their day.

So, I say to you, thank you for reading my blog every day, I may not be able to reach out and shake your hand, but I can say thank you, I appreciate you and your support, more than you could ever know.

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