Peaches Prattlings

{April 30, 2015}   A new experience…um…

Today I borrowed a vacuum from the hotel.

This post will get a little personal, you might have an ewwww here and there, sorry.

So…as you know, based on my recent posts, I had a sunburn. Well, with a sunburn comes peeling, if you are unlucky. I have had sunburns before, but it’s been years since I’ve peeled, so here it is, I’m peeling. I joked that it looked like I had leprosy. Now, I know leprosy is a very serious disease and I am not poking fun at anyone with this illness. But still…

I have been putting special lotion with aloe that PSM got me after I got sunburned and I have been applying it at least twice a day, if not more. My arms and chest were the worst, my face was not too bad and now my legs are starting to peel.

Do you remember when you were a kid and put glue on your fingers so you could pull it off your skin? That’s what it looks like, so crazy. Now, the grody part is when I take off an article of clothing the flakes fly everywhere!

When I’m in the shower, I can “shluf” it off, well, what’s peeling anyway, then I slather on the lotion, thick and it seems to work for a while, but then I take my clothes off and…

I am staying at an Aloft hotel, it’s part of the SPG, Starwood Preferred Guests, hotel group and they have a great incentive to “Go Green”, put a hanger on the door before 2am to not clean the room and you get a card worth $5 at their store or 250 points. Well, as you know, I’m all about the points and I’m a big girl, as much as I like someone making my bed every day, I can do it myself.

So, as you guessed, they don’t come in to clean the room. Over the last few days I noticed, but today it was bad. There are pieces of me everywhere! I realized I was getting wigged out and I didn’t want anyone to come to the room after I check out to see pieces of me and get grossed out!

So, down to the front desk I went to get a vacuum, vacuumed the room and I felt so much better! Clean floors!

The funny part was when I took the vacuum back down to the front desk, the girl asked me if everything was alright with the room, I laughed and told her, she understood.

So…new experience! I vacuumed a hotel room! It actually made me feel at home a little, doing something domestic!

But I have decided, if I am going to molt, I would like feathers, wouldn’t that be fabulous?


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