Peaches Prattlings

{April 27, 2015}   Ziploc…one of the greatest inventions…

EVEAH! (Read that with great emphasis and dramatic flair)

Can you really argue with that statement? Who hasn’t found a thousand uses fur a Ziploc bag, of every size?

I am inspired to write this as I am sitting in the airport watching a mom take a ziploc bag of little toys/action figures out of her bag for her son.

Do you have kids? Are they into Legos, more specifically the new Legos sets (pet shops, moon landings, trucks, karate, pop singers, and so on and so on) and do you keep the sets in a giant ziploc?

Are you a crafter? Opening the package when you get it home and transfer it to a ziploc? I do. I have purchased multiple storage devices for a new project and seem to come back to ziploc bags every time, they are easy, durable and abundant. If one breaks, just get another.

When I travel, I rely on then greatly. I don’t always have access to a freezer, so I use ziploc bags for ice in my insulated bag to keep food cold. I also put leftover toiletries from the hotels in bags to donate to shelters.

Then they came out with the giant bags for storage…ooph…more, gimme now!

As you can see, ziploc bags are for more than just sandwiches, snacks and freezing stuff.

Ahhh…Ziploc…I heart you!


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