Peaches Prattlings

{April 24, 2015}   Repacking to go home

It seems like an easy task…you are only packing what you brought, right?

Well…sort of. You packed it all, got to your destination and unpacked it all, all seems right with the world. Now, this is just vacation packing I’m talking about, not work, that’s different, I just wanted to make that distinction.

So, it’s the night before you leave [and for the record, when I do travel for business, I pack the night before as well] and you might have an early flight or have to get to the airport early and you decide to pack. You think, “well, it took me a while to pack for the trip. but I’m taking back only what I brought, maybe a few souvenirs, that shouldn’t make a huge difference, right?


What seems like it should only take about 20, maybe thirty minutes ends up taking about an hour. While you are packing, you are lamenting the fact that you barely wore anything you brought, you so over packed, but I do believe it’s better to have too much than not enough, right? It may not be convenient for you to buy something new while you are on your trip.

Then, after you check that all the drawers and closet are empty, you have to pack your souvenirs and as your bag was packed so tight to get here, there’s not much wiggle room, good thing you brought that extra bag! Remember, you get two carry-ons!

So…next step once the bags are packed? Set the alarm early so you can make sure you have all your toiletries packed after you shower. Then you do the idiot check to be sure you have everything, but you know you’re going to do the idiot check again just before you leave the room. [The idiot check is something my friends in a band used to do, check all the drawers, closets, bathrooms because inadvertently,  someone is going to leave something behind, hence…the idiot check.

Then it’s time to blog and pass out.



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