Peaches Prattlings

{April 17, 2015}   A very happy JJ am I!!!

I just got back to Boston today and got the BEST surprise!

I was going through my mail and there was a padded envelope addressed to JJ from LB and BL, my fabulous, wonderful granddaughters!

I opened the envelope and there was an Easter card hand made by the girls. They made flowers and chicks with their hands and feet, isn’t it the most wonderful thing ever?!

If I tell you that I LA LA LA LOVE hand made gifts, would you believe me? I have pictures that EJS and MGS have drawn for me and from Miss A, and my friend, CWB’s daughter S makes me a picture for my birthday each year, I feel so very special and fortunate that I receive these amazing gifts.

You know this is getting framed!

Thank you LB and BL, I LA LA LA LOVE it! You made my day! JJ is sending you lots of love!Pic

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