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{April 16, 2015}   Lip Sync Battle…LOVE IT!

I have found a new guilty pleasure and it’s name is LSB, Lip Sync Battle.

Not saying that I am going to DVR it or seek it out, but if I find it while I’m flipping channels, I’m definitely going to watch or maybe I’m going to look for it on Netflix or Hulu or YouTube. This is not an original idea, there have been lips sync contests for years, but this is just hitting at the right time.

The show is hosted by LL Cool J and has different celebrities competing against each other. I had heard about it and thought, yeah, ok, whatever, but someone posted the battle between Jimmy Fallon and The Rock and I was hooked, there is nothing like seeing Dwayne Johnson, 6’5, built massive dude lip syncing to Taylor Swift!

After The Rock did Stayin’ Alive by the BeeGees in full Saturday Night Fever style and flair, LL Cool J asked The Rock, “Were those moves natural? Were they a gift?” his answer was “g-d delivered and I signed”!

You tell me, don’t they look like they’re having fun!

How can you beat that?

Enjoy! I am!

images (3)

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