Peaches Prattlings

{April 14, 2015}   Side effects, did I really need to know that?

When did we decide we need to know all the side effects.

Do you remember the ‘olden’ days when there was a commercial for a medication and you knew what it was for and what it would heal/fix, pretty simple.

Then…at some point it was decided that we needed to know what all the side effects were. Dry mouth, nausea, itchiness, watery eyes, dry this, itchy that, wet this, scratchy that and so on and so on.

When I see the doctor, they can tell me what the side effects might be or I can look them up online myself, of course, that doesn’t always help either, ha ha. But watching commercials with all the side effect is just depressing and makes me wonder if I would rather keep suffering from whatever I’m suffering from, rather than deal with the side effects.

I think Jeff Foxworthy said it pretty well.

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