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{April 13, 2015}   A comedy of errors to a wonderful result!

On way to a happy outcome and needless to say I’m happy.

I have been wanting to do Global Entry for quite some time now but I always got stopped in the process of completing the application. Two Sundays ago I decided to complete the application, I’m not sure which took longer Global Entry or eHarmony! So many questions!

I wish I’d had Global Entry when I was coming back from Ireland, it would have saved me a lot of time, but you live and learn. I’ve heard or stories about how long it takes to get an appointment, but I completed the application on sunday and received notification that my application was accepted on Wednesday!

I looked for places to set up the interview and they had an opening or several openings this morning in the Atlanta Airport. I set my appointment time for this morning at 6:30 a.m. EST.

I got up at 5.m., after falling asleep at 4 a.m. I left the house at 5:30 I was on the road by 5:33 which is exactly what I wanted. I even got to say goodbye to SDL.

I headed to the airport, got gas, then returned the car. My appointment was for 6:30, I got on the shuttle for the International terminal at 6:25…uh oh…I got to the terminal, got confused on where I needed to go, took everything through security, got stopped because of my sock change purse. What, doesn’t everyone keep their money in a sock?

I finally got to where I needed to go, it was about 6:50, they still took me! I had heard stories that it was hard and the interview took a long time, nope. I was in there probably about 6 minutes longer than was necessary, but Officer Gibbs and I were having a great laugh.

Approved! Wahoo!

What does Global Entry mean to me…I can skip customs by scanning my passport at one of the kiosks you see at the airport. I get TSA pre-check, but I already had that, I also get Nexus, which gets me in and out of Canada and in a few days, I’ll have the card that will help me at border stops in Canada and Mexico! Wa…hoo!

So now, I don’t have to wait in those long lines at customs when traveling, I am so excited! Where should we go first?

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