Peaches Prattlings

{April 9, 2015}   OMG, it’s H O T!

I have just arrived on the surface of the sun!

Ok, so not the surface of the sun, but close…I’m in Atlanta or, as affectionately know as Hotlanta! There is a reason it has this name, it was earned! It is almost midnight and it is 75 degrees…what?

I woke up in Buffalo, NY, where it was very cold and wet and rainy, I don’t know what the temperature was, but I was wearing my winter coat [long and down, that just sounds weird!]. As I was confirming what I was bringing with me to Atlanta, I thought, I don’t have a jacket, I know I won’t need my giant winter coat when I get there, but, I don’t have a jacket, well, duh…I landed about 9pm and it was still 80 degrees, think I’ll need a jacket?

The funny thing was when I was standing at the carousel waiting for my luggage, there was a woman next to me waiting for hers, we exchanged where we were coming from and it was obvious the temperature difference in our locations. I was wearing jeans, knee-hi suede boots and a long sleeve pullover. She was wearing a light flowy shirt, leggings and ballet flats, not exactly Buffalo attire, she was coming from Palm Beach, Florida.

I’m glad I remembered to pack some t-shirts so I won’t sweat my tush off this weekend! Then it’s back to the frigid North to Buffalo where I will need that coat on Monday, boo. I wanted warmer weather, like everyone else, but I wanted to ease into it, but that’s not the way things work here in hot sunny Atlanta!

I am going to appreciate what I have, thank you very much. Take the warm and sun with me next week when I shuffle back to Buffalo.


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