Peaches Prattlings

{April 7, 2015}   Happy Birthday LaLa

Today is LaLa’s birthday.

As you know [or not know because you’re new to my site], LaLa is my dad’s main squeeze and today is her birthday. She and my dad have been dating for almost ten years and shortly after they starting dating, she quickly became a part of our family. A very important part, not only as a partner for my dad, but a grandmother to my nieces, EJS and MGS, and that means a great deal to me and my family.

When we met LaLa, she had two granddaughters, B&A, the next year, GES had EJS, three years later she had MGS, bringing the number to four, that’s a lot of girls! Then her son, MD met TBD and they had their first son, B and a few months ago, their second son C, in case you weren’t keeping up, that’s six grandchildren, how lucky is she! All those loves to spend time with and spoil.

Her relationship is special with each one. She loves to send post cards to each grandchild, with MGS, she loves to play mani-pedi, with EJS, she loved to do LaLa’s makeup when she was younger. She loves to cook and bake with the children, get on the floor and play, she has a great deal of energy and doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

You know how sometimes you’re not sure what to buy for someone? Well, with LaLa, it’s easy…LaLa is ga-ga about Vera Bradley.

We have bought her different things over the years that she has loved, but a sure bet is anything Vera Bradley, you can’t go wrong with anything from her collection. They come out with new patterns every few months, then retire things. Whenever we are out and find stuff we think she would like, we buy it, how could we not! Especially if it’s a retired pattern, you can’t go wrong! I like the fact that she doesn’t care [or at least doesn’t say she cares] about what the pattern is, she loves it.

This year, we gave her a pair of pajamas and a new purse, it was a hit! Looking forward to the fashion show next time we’re together!

Now, I know LaLa is not the only Vera Bradley fan out there, I have many friends who are. But…have you ever seen a Vera Bradley cake? I know you won’t be surprised, but check out the link for some great pictures!

In conclusion…Happy Birthday LaLa! We hope today was as great a day as you are! We love you!

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