Peaches Prattlings

{April 6, 2015}   Annoyed

I’ve had so many good days, today was pretty good, just a few things annoyed me.

The day started fine, got up a few minutes early, a little because I was waking up and a little because ACS ran down the stairs getting ready to go to work.

Last night I did something I’ve never done before, I packed for a trip almost three weeks away, a little surreal, but I’m not going to be home very long between trips and next weekend I’m going to be in Atlanta, so I won’t have much time when I get back to Boston to pack.

This morning, I was looking at my bags and was wondering if I had enough britches, I decided to pack half in my bag for work and half in my other bag, sounds good, I can do laundry over the weekend and I always over-pack my britches, and I’m, ok with that, I’d rather over-pack than not have enough.

Dad is up and looks outside and says “Look, it’s Santa Clause!” Yup, my driver looked a little like Santa Clause, I found out a lot about him, he’s married 25 years, has a 21 and 18 years old, never been on a jet plane and has been clean for 26 years.

Then he told us a good joke, “What do you call Santa’s elves?” “Santa’s subortanelves!” ha ha!

I get to the airport, can’t change my seat, I tried over and over yesterday, then no other seats available, back of the plane I go. I miss my Delta, I already have my confirmation of my first class upgrade for Thursday. I had a fabulous veggie omelet, they used my cheese, so it was rich and creamy, I loved it! I had my own matzoh, so I was set.

I stopped at Wegman’s, picked up supplies for the week, lots of good stuff, then I get to the hotel, I’m on the ‘women’s floor’, ‘the what?’ They have little extras for women, like robes, slippers, love it. Then I start unpacking and guess what…NO BRITCHES! I had packed them all in the other bag! WHAT?

Great…so, I know where I am going after class…Victoria’s Secret for some new britches. now, don’t get me wrong, I heart Victoria’s Secret, even though she doesn’t have many secrets left…but I just bought new britches two weeks ago…grr

I left for the hospital, reviewed material with another trainer, we had plenty of time, no one was registered for the class, it was very productive.

Then I was heading to the mall and stopped at Walmart for one thing, ended up buying something else, go figure…As I was at the register attempting to pay, my card was declined, what? It happened again, not happy, so I used another credit card, thinking I would reach out to my bank later to see what was going on.

After I left the store, I got a call from the bank to confirm I had made the purchase, I proceeded to give the representative what-for, apologizing for being harsh, but I was ticked off, as you can imagine. A note is being made to my file, hmm…let’s see what happens next time.

After that, my trip to VS was not as much fun as it could have been, but I did have fun picking out birthday presents for Miss A, so that helped. I got back to the hotel, got into comfy clothes, had some dinner, talked to PSM, played with my new purchase and now I’m talking to you, Bad vibes are gone, I’m getting happy.

I need this…


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