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{April 5, 2015}   What’s the deal with the bathtubs?

In the erectile dysfunction ads, what’s with the bathtubs?

What does an ED Salesperson say when you ask “How’s business?”  “Business is up” or “Business is on the rise”, yuk yuk yuk, thanks GES, loved it!

I get that they need to advertise, doesn’t everything need to be advertised, so sayeth the advertising community. And I know the tag line is something along the lines of ‘you never know when the moment will hit’ so therefore, you need to take a pill. I got that part.

What I still don’t get is why there is a set of bathtubs just randomly sitting there…on the beach, a cliff, a if some random couple is going to be out and see the bathtubs sitting there in the middle of wherever and decide…ooh, let’s take a pill and sit in a random bathtub! Naked…

Now, I’ll give you that if I saw a pair of bathtubs sitting out somewhere, I would absolutely sit in them, but not naked and not just before I want to do, well, stuff.

That’s it, my thoughts on the random bathtubs.

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