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{April 5, 2015}   My day…starts with a Science party, ends with a Seder!

What a day, you may want to sit down for this, get a cup of coffee, it was a crazy day!

The day started at a reasonable hour, about 8:15am, this was after I woke up about 7am and said “no way, good night!” and went back to sleep!

When I got up, it was time for breakfast, matzoh brei was on the menu, Y U M! One of my favorite breakfasts and I think a favorite of many people who celebrate Passover, it’s basically matzoh fried with egg [or scrambled eggs with matzoh in it]. VERY simple recipe, You can eat it as is, you can eat it with salt, or something sweet, I like it with sugar and jam or preserves, I found out today, people like it with syrup, your choice. The funny thing about matzoh brei is that people who love it say they’d eat it throughout the year, but don’t, it’s not something you think about or always have a box of matzoh just hanging around waiting for you to want to make matzoh brei!

After breakfast it was time to finish the prep for EJS’ birthday party…I don’t know if you remember me telling you that she was sick on her birthday a few weeks ago and had to postpone the party, well today was the day. EJS is a huge fan of science and experiments, so for her birthday, she wanted to have a science party, how cool is that!

She has been fascinated with science and experiments for a long time and I’ve done some experiments with her and her friends, they all love it! She even wore the lab coat and protective goggles I got her for Chanukah!

So…the prep…we had already set out the pans with glass jars and glitter, but this morning, we had to prep a whole bunch of dixie cups with the ingredients for the experiments. We had baking soda, soap, vinegar, raisins and water, they were doing three different experiments, Dancing Raisins, Tornado and a Volcano.

The kids all started arriving about 11, they watched a video about 3D printing and then ACS gave a demonstration, very cool. Next they watched a video about the first experiment, then gathered in the dining room to try it. They followed the same pattern for the next two experiments, they had a blast!

After the experiments, it was time for lunch! Matzoh pizza it is! I told you we can get creative when the need arises! Then dessert and singing, soon after, it was time for everyone to leave.

But wait, there’s more! About an hour after everyone left, EJS went to a birthday party for someone else and two hours later, came back with two friends for a play date and during that time, MGS had a friend from across the street came to play with her, his dad was here too.

During this time, we finished cleaning up from the party, I did some organizing, which I love [cabinets, drawers], then it was time to get dressed, PSM was coming to take me to his second night Seder.

I think I told you last night that some people will do a second night Seder, well, I was invited to one tonight and as we weren’t hosting a second night, I went. Their Seder was a little more in depth, especially since there weren’t any teeny tiny tots running around. There was singing and prayers and food, oh at the food!

The awesome thing was that his aunt and uncle keep kosher, so I couldn’t even bring something if I wanted to, so we brought dried fruit for dessert, now you might be saying, what’s so awesome about that? I’ll tell you…his aunt made me a special meal that was 100% vegan, it was great! I appreciated it so very much.

The family is silly and funny and every engaging and welcoming and warm. I was comfortable and really enjoyed myself…I even got an invite for next year! So flattered!

Now, I just need to remember to send them a thank you!

Let’s just say it was a very long day. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I had taking them and participating!






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