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{April 1, 2015}   Reality shows…did they really just say that on tv?

I am sitting here with my mouth open thinking…did they really just say that?

Being in a hotel after work, sometimes I have the desire to just veg out in front of the tv, I need to not think, so I turn on the tv, I miss flipping channels sometimes, so I get my fix when I’m on the road.

Since I don’t know what shows are on when and what channel, I will just flip and find a station that I know and see what’s on. Sometimes its an actual show, like a sitcom, britcom, comedy, drama, dramady or, like now, mind numbing reality shows.

Now, let me clarify, I will admit that there are a few reality shows that I actually like, such as Face Off,, on SyFy or maybe Kitchen Nightmares,, love me some Gordon Ramsay! Or maybe Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer, It’s too bad I couldn’t find those shows tonight!

Tonight, it’s Little Women, NY, Little Women LA, Keeping Up with the really really rich [I have no idea how to spell their name], among others. What I don’t get is having cameras following people around 24/7 to catch every conversation, breath, fight, thought, meal, make up for whatever the fight was about and better yet, why do we care? Yet we, and I say the preverbal we, tune in to watch every action, every word, every movement. Do we watch because we want to see a fight? isn’t that why we go to hockey games?

Do we actually care what they have to say? Do we care about every fight? Every kiss and make up? And if we do care, why do we care? Why are we helping the rich get richer?

Ok, rant done.


Happy Birthday to MS, who I’ve known since she was a wee tot and has grown into an amazing and fabulous young woman!

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